There are many people who can play the guitar, yet only a precious few ever end up doing so at a professional level. Many even quit within the first month of learning. If you have considered quitting, you are not alone and the good news is that you don’t have to!

Below are five of the most common mistakes that many beginners make. These mistakes cause discouragement and eventual burn out. If you keep away from these mistakes, you are likely to learn your guitar lessons faster and proceed to become a better player.

1.    Telling yourself that ‘I can’t make it’: Just in learning new skills, it is often easy for the beginner to listen to the negative voice that tells him or her that it’s impossible or it wouldn’t work. It is therefore important that you dress yourself with a positive attitude. Other than attitude, other factors such as physical strain and the tough discipline that is demanded for a guitar leaner are also factors that keep off beginners. However the joy of playing guitar at a professional league cannot compare to these teething problems.

2.    Over ambitiousness: this is observed among learners of guitar playing who want to make great leaps in a short period. Skills such as tuning, using the capo, strumming and so on all require lots of time to learn and master. Do it too fast and it would lead to burn out and also produce unseasoned guitar players.

3.    Finger picking: trying to push the keys on the fret board using one finger can lead to quick giving up. This is because it would not only give the learner a poor tune, but will also make it a very slow process of learning.

4.    Not visualizing the chord playing: visualization referrers to the player seeing which finger is pulling the strings. This will be enabling you to learn how to place your fingers on the chord without having to check.

5.    Inadequate finger strength: because guitar playing involves pulling the strings in a tough manner, it will often result in painful fingers. For most learners, this is the stage where they give up. This is a grand mistake that steals off the opportunity to make a pro guitarist. It should be understood that such painful finger muscles are a stage in getting the finger to be used to pulling the chords.

The selection of the above five common mistakes is based on frequently asked questions researched from several websites. The best way to learn fast and avoid these mistakes is to find a good teacher.

While there are several free causes or tutorials on guitar playing from websites, they are never equivalent to a human or real time coach. The benefits associated with the real time teacher far out way the costs. It does not eliminate the need for strict discipline required to produce star guitar players.

Find the right teacher, get the correct instruments and avoid the above five mistakes and you are on your way to stardom.